Fashion Vs Style

Fashion Vs Style

Fashion. The perception people have of this word makes them wince whenever its mentioned. But does fashion really deserve the perception it has? What’s the difference between fashion and personal style?

We’re going to delve a little deeper here at Guidance.

Fashion has the perception that it’s detached from your everyday person – the very people who brands and retailers would target and would want as their customer. It’s become almost impossible to separate people’s assumptions that the industry at large is catwalk shows, parties and creating fantasy for the consumer. While we’re inclined to agree that there are sections of our industry that either play into or push this narrative, people often forget that at its core it’s still a business. It exists to create items of clothing that people want to wear, that allows them to showcase their personality to the world, before they have even opened their mouth to speak.

Sure, it has elements that aren’t your typical office-based job. Particularly with the more creative aspects such as photography, styling and marketing. It can be fun, challenging and no two days are the same. What people who work in the industry may forget to tell you is how intensive it can be. Your average customer might not understand the complexities and attention it requires to make even just one item of clothing, simply because you’re managing so many uncertainties during the production process.

There are design teams around the world, similar to Guide, that are juggling the same sourcing and supply chain politics. The questions that need answers are not uncommon from company to company. The larger industry has almost done itself a disservice taking away from the hard work that goes into it.


So, what is style?

If fashion is the business, the industry, the glitz and the glamour, style is the complete opposite. Style is deeply personal – It both considers and doesn’t consider the latest trends, colours and fads, because it’s subjective for the individual and what their tastes and likes are.

It’s the first thing people see when they meet you. It’s first impressions and continued impressions – At work, evenings in the local coffee shop, weekends at the bar..

Everybody can develop a personal style. Items that are they’re favourites to pick from the wardrobe and something they’ll feel comfortable in. Clothing that makes them feel good about themselves, giving a confidence boost when they’re getting prepared in the morning and throughout the day, if and when they may catch a glimpse of themselves. Personal style can help to make the right impression to somebody you’re meeting for the first time. It tells wider society that you take pride in your appearance.

And this to us at Guide London, is what fashion is really all about – It’s not about fashion at all. It’s about making people fall in love with something that suits there personality. The person you notice walking down a London street wearing a casual jacket, a signature print shirt and versatile pair of jeans and wanting to know where they got it from. Stepping out the front door in the morning and feeling ready to tackle the day. Be able to go from the office to the restaurant with little effort. These are the moments that Guide London strive to make easier or enjoyable for our customers.

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